The NPC-Anyichi program team is committed in assisting clients in the paper industry and related industries establish a stable, efficient and professional organization system and teams, based on customized approach as well as broad industry networks.

Anyichi 安易持 is a registered brand in the professional services of talent search and HR consulting solution in China. The brand name is derived from a phrase in the 64 chapter of 'Dao De Jing' (道德经第六十四章): that which is at rest is easily kept hold of; before a thing has given indications of its presence, it is easy to take measures against it; 其安易持,其未兆易谋. It denotes that stability and unity are the basis and premise of sustainable development. 



Peng Gao

Associate Partner
Talent Solutions Practice
Based in Beijing 

Co-founder of NPC-An Yichi talent solution program

Nearly 10 year experience in human resource management as well as organization development

Previous work experience in managing HR departments at several medium sized and large enterprises

HR sector experience including real estate, finance, and TMT

Education: M.A in Human Resource, Renmin University


+852 8192-4535