Today’s challenges cannot be solved with a status quo mindset or services, instead, these demand a combination of advanced thinking, deep industry insight, and the best management skills.

The creation of NPC Partners Consulting is based on two reasons:

Paper industry, as a traditional industry, is exploring its way of transformation amid the new normal economy and slow growth environment. However, most existing analytical products that have been seen in this industry are not yet adjusted to the new normal or new phase. Therefore, it lacks power in indicating future trend and new growth areas. Meanwhile, in some regions the fast-changing market environment also needs new analysis and ideas.  

Innovation can bring new opportunities and innovative solutions to paper industry as well as other traditional industries. Startup like us can help companies in this traditional industry innovate, based on shared industry knowledge. This way is more flexible, with less risks. By now more than 70% Fortune 500 companies have chosen to work with startup companies.

With those beliefs, NPC Partners is committed to delivering NEW consulting experience which combines market analysis, strategic advisory and innovation towards the new era. We partner with you to create customized solution and deliver outstanding results.


Strategic Transformation Journey with the Paper Industry (sample illustration) 



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