Following our vision, NPC Partners, as a premier and innovative consultancy, is setting up implementation solution practice to serve the Paper industry as a Long term Partner

Next Level Operational Practice:

Benchmark with leading global paper mills

Discuss and identify best customized solutions to outperform

Next Level Human Capital:

Bring new talent to the traditional paper industry

Guide path to boost cultural alignment, innovation and organizational effectiveness. 

Starting Point of Operational Excellence

NPC Partners’ approach:

An operational assessment process is the series of steps NPC consultants take to evaluate the operational activities of a given company or organization. It will generate a very in-depth review of the operating business. 

The operational audit is conducted for each unit operation to find the bottlenecks as each of the unit operation plays a key role for the overall health of the company.

Key Objective:

The objective of the operational assessment is to determine whether the internal controls of the business, such as policies and procedures, are sufficient to produce an optimum level of efficiency and effectiveness. This is critical for businesses, because a lack of efficiency and effectiveness typically translates to fewer sales or increased operational costs, which sometimes mean the inability of the business to compete and stay in business.

Example of key focus during the PROJECT phases:

The NPC Partners team will focus on following key areas and provide their findings to the management

Create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the performance and operational efficiency for each production line.

Benchmark these KPIs with best practices. Include in the benchmark the manufacturing costs per Machine/Product.

Prepare gap report based on the Benchmark analysis and identify the action items to close these gaps.

Review and update the Bill of Material (BOM) for the company’s products.

Assess consumption rate for chemicals, energy, & fiber by (machine/per ton/product).

Assess each machine/product profitability and compare it with other producers.

Assess the Labor Cost, Manpower headcount and key position credentials.

Provide optimization steps to reduce costs in the supply chain and the industry standard.

Benchmark Maintenance Protocols against industry standards.

Review the Quality Assurance and benchmark against industry best practice. What is allowable off spec production against given product streams.

Share a list of competent supply chain partners working with a global footprint inclusive of spares, chemicals & consumables. Two or three alternates to be recommended.

Identify, evaluate manufacturing flowsheets in comparison with best practices in the industry.

To sum it all a measurable scope with timeline/s achievable targets vs. inputs and what level of savings will be achieved if implemented in totality.


Surya P Raina

Partner, Operational Excellence Practice

>35 years industry experience, including 15 years of operational expertise with the Asian pulp & paper industry

Proven track record of leadership, with strong technical and business qualifications.

Previously held VP of Mill Analysis at RISI

Education: B.E in chemical engineering


678 595 8756

Peng Gao

Associate Partner, NPC-An Yichi talent solution program