2019 China Recycled Paper Market & Policy Advisory Report

Insights to New Regulations & Global Business Impacts

Future scenarios on China’s recycled fiber & virgin fiber future consumption and trade: quantitative impact models revealed
Exclusive insights and advisory on China’s new import regulations and future impacts

Major Table of Content

  • 1. Insights to changing waste paper policies and the new era of China Paper Industry
    Breakdown of China Recycled Paper Demand and Major Buyers/Operators
    Business landscape for Recycled Paper, Domestic vs Imported
    Recycled Paper Brokers & Channel Analysis
    Recycled Paper Price Trends, Domestic vs Imported
    Overview of China paper industry performance in 2017 and 20181H
    New Trends, Capacity Expansions, and New Policy Sets toward 2018-23
  • 2. Guides on paper company operations: insights to new regulations and future impacts*
  • 3. Observations on the nation's solid waste management reform and environmental inspections and impacts to industry supply
  • 4. Future scenarios on global supply chain and China’s recycled fiber & virgin fiber future consumption and trade: align your supply position*
  • 5. Risk assessment of raw material supply as well as trade war scenarios
  • *quantitative analysis and strategic advisory combined

Why this report is important to you:

The paper industry based on recycling is already feeling the impact of regulation change on imported recovered paper since 2017. The implementation of new regulation was responsible for previous slump in U.S OCC prices and fast rise of China domestic OCC prices was also seen partly resulting in greater volatility in paperboard prices.

In June 2018, State Council issued an opinion regarding enhancing environmental protection and pollution prevention that indicated one of aims to achieve zero imports of solid waste by 2020. Definition of solid waste (can recyclable resource remain acceptable to some degrees?) is yet unclear in this initiative, according to NPC Partners analysis.

Those ongoing changes in China’s market have been tracked closely around the global waste paper sector. However, many companies and professionals in the related sectors still find difficulty seeing the whole picture, and unsure of ‘what could come next’.
Nevertheless, NPC Partner’s latest report and underlying analysis can provide some useful interpretations and strategic guides in those regards.

What makes NPC’s report most valuable:

Unlike the status quo industry analysis, our report also help you find answers to below critical business questions/topics:
  • What can be the real expectations and implications from series of specific policies relating to the recycling industry as well as the paper industry?
  • Best Practice to understand Chinese policymaker perspective (both top level design and implementation)
  • What are other factors that could be easily missed, if only drawing perspective from industry angle?
  • What should company do?
  • Future scenarios concerning global supply chain and waste paper source for China (quantitative model)

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Sample Analysis Charts from the Report

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